Welcome to What The Funk

What the Funk has been created for the youth of today. Youngsters, office goers, IT professionals, Students, who believe in wearing their attitude, on the sleeve literally .
For those who want to make a bold statement, invoke a smile and handle the attention .
With extremely funny , quirky and relevant to the times copy, What the funk’s T-Shirt bouquet has been created in a manner, where you will want to own all the designs and not just one or two.

Utilising the best in class 100% cotton fabric, vibrant colour prints, safe manufacturing by skilled professionals, What the Funk gives you the pleasure of comfort …. but the question is, are you willing to handle the attention you will get…
Get Ready…to Get Noticed

About Us

1)Started in 2013
2)We do Sales Force Automation, as well as
All Field Team Automation
3)Over 10000+ Users.
4) Our Technical solution & support team is over 25 + strong.
5)Founders with senior management experience across industries in the field og General Management, Sales & Distribution, Marketing, IT