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Our Solutions

Mass Retail                            :

FMCG Distribution, Telecom Pre-Paid, Dealer Management solution, Mobile Handset sales, Retail chain Management. Multiple solutions linking the dealer / distributor & their sales staffto company sales team: Order booking, cash collection, Beat Management, secondary sales. An end to end solution providing visibility from Primary, secondary to outlet Order booking, Pending Order, stock in Trade with Analytics to improve Order booking, Bill cut %, Outlet servicing to width and depth of distribution.

0    Permanent Journey plan solution for company sales team.

Point of Sale Branding & Field Marketing Activity: Helps design & Operationalise Brand visibility: Store front, Hoarding & wall Paintings. From deployment of Point of Store Branding, regular Merchandising to Product display at outlet. Actual availability of Field Branding – Check for actual deployment, Proof of deployment for payment, to tracking availability of same over its life. Track field marketing activities. Track Assets deployed in Field e.g. : Deep freezers, Dispensers in outlets.

0   Sales & Distribution Design solution:

From sales team geographic coverage to ideal location for warehouses to Distributors. This solution allows multiple levels of data to be put and seen together to help re-design or start from scratch a new distribution channel.

O• Corporate (B2B) sales solution:

From Lead management, Funnel management to customer contact (appointment, visit, repeat visit).

Build organisational memory for easy handover to a new employee.

0     Field Installation & Service solution:

For product categories that require installation, Breakdown & Preventive service at the customer location. Handle Field team visit schedule. Automated actual appointment SLA track. SMS based instant Customer satisfaction score. Track spare parts & consumables movement in the field, stock with team, automatic replenishment.

O• Field Asset Tracking & Audit: If you are a Telecom company or a Public ufility company ( power or Water distribution ) — or any industry, where your company assets are deployed across the country side or across numerous location. ThÏ5 Solution help you tu tag the same, geo tag the location and support your annual audit requirement, theft reporting etc .

0 Retail chain Operations: If you have your promoters placed at Large outlets, this is the solution for you. Location based attendance to Leave management and connected to company HRMS / Payment systems. Lead capture and Lead management in store. Lead management through the tele calling solution. Linked to Field teams where demonstration is required at home or office location by separate team. Stock track, daily sales track, product display track.